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What Flag Designer Can Tell You About Flags And Banners

When you have decided to use flags for the business promotion or be it any reason, you need to be aware of certain factors that will help get the best design possible. For the first thing, you should recognize whether it is an indoor flag or an outdoor flag you are planning to buy. Remember that all the outdoor flags can be used indoors, but not all the indoor flags can be taken out reason being not all indoor flags have that durability factor. Some might loose the color and fade away while some might get damaged or torn by the wind, sun or rain.

Wholesale Flags

Wholesale Flags

Secondly, no matter the flag is hung indoor or outdoor, the choice of the right material does make the difference. If you choose the right material, your flag will live for longer than you expect. Some of the flags are made of such fabrics that they are suitable for any climates or weather conditions. Now here are some examples giving light to that fact. If you are choosing to buy a cotton flag, they are economical but cannot be considered durable. They are ideal for several ceremonies and events. Switching to the Nylon feather flag, they are the most popular flags because of the materials durability and strength. Nylon flags are usually lightweight and flies in the lightest breeze. Now one another very popular flag material is Polyester. Polyester is chosen when the businessman is in need of a very durable flag. A polyester flag is considered to be the most durable on the market. Plus, they bear that rich color and these flags do not wear and tear by the wind, rain or snow. Now comes the design. For that you can either use printed flags, woven flags or embroidered flags. Assuming that you have the least idea about which of these designs to choose, you can take help from a professional flag designer. Although the printed flags look appealing, woven flags can last longer.

Last but not the least, the size of the flag needs to be determined and that completely depends upon the purpose of use of the flag. Normally, 3X5 flag is used for commercial and governmental use. They are even used for residential use. Basically, when a flagpole is used, the length of the flag should be one third of one quarter of the height of the pole.

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